Simple Swaps: 7 Things To Make Instead Of Buy

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Cooking from scratch can seem overwhelming if you’ve never done it, so that’s why I created the ‘Simple Swaps: 7 things to make instead of buy’ series. I want to make things a little less daunting and a little more doable by taking everyday things and starting to make those. Lets take a look at what we can now make, instead of buy!

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A collage of photos displaying simple swaps: 7 things to make instead of buy

Cooking from Scratch – Why Bother?

I used to think this way. When I was a young mama of 3 under 3, I despised cooking! It was such a thankless task to me, and then just to top it off, they needed feeding AGAIN in a few hours time!!!!

I’m sure you have felt like that at times.

But a few years later, I met a lady who challenged me to make just one thing. Pasta sauce. Simple tomato Pasta sauce. It was the most ridiculous thing in the world to me! Why would I make that? It’s so cheap in the store! She asked if I’d ever looked at the label, and I admitted no.

The Great Shift – Make it, don’t buy it

So I read the label. And a few more labels… I was not ready for what I saw! Products filled with unpronounceable ingredients, numbers, hidden salt and sugar, and chemicals that you would wash your car with!!!

I began to worry about what I was feeding my growing babies who can’t choose for themselves what they eat! It caused a change in me.

I began to see what a wonderful gift it was to nourish these children who depended on me. Who needed good food to help them grow.

Only I had no idea how to do it.

Years ago, we would have asked our mum or Grandma to show us. These days, most of us grew up with working mothers who couldn’t cook from scratch out of shear time constraints!

Simple Swaps: 7 Things to make instead of buy

This is why I created the series. It’s what I wish I’d had when I was starting out.

Convenience has killed so many of these skills, and that’s a crying shame! Knowing how doesn’t always mean you do, but if you needed to, say in a worldwide pandemic, when the shelves are bear…? What about then..?

Let alone the taste!! If there is any reason to cook from scratch it’s the difference in taste!! Nothing tastes like homemade bread slathered in butter, or a bowl of homemade yoghurt topped with your homegrown berries!

So lets get into the 7 things to make instead of buy:

Simple Homemade Taco Seasoning

I started the series with this one as it’s probably the easiest to tackle. Most people have some spices at home, (I immediately think of the Michael McIntire sketch!) It takes less than 5 minutes to put together and you have it in when you want to make tacos instead of having everything but!

How to make Yoghurt

A bowl of yoghurt to show simple swaps:7 things to make instead of buy

This might seem like a jump from the ease of the taco seasoning, but it’s just time and temperature for this one. I use an Instant Pot in the post but I also detail how to make it with your oven, dehydrator or even certain Air fryers!

Simple Oat Bread

Bread and honey on a plate with a tea towel on the side

I don’t know why, but bread is one of the most satisfying things to make from scratch! It’s so much easier than you think, and with a stand mixer, just needs a little attention here and there for a huge reward. Plus your house smells amazing, so there’s that..

Simple Pasta Sauce

The One that Started It All!!! Not an episode of Friends, but as iconic in my life! So versatile, it can be used for pizza, spaghetti, pasta, and you can add your favourite herbs to suit your family.

Easy Homemade Mayonnaise

A bowl of Mayonnaise next to a bowl of potato salad

The easy way to make mayo whenever you need it. As simple as that.

Easy Pizza Dough Recipe

My fool proof pizza dough recipe. I’ve been making this for years and it’s always worked. Give it a try, I know you won’t go back!

And lastly, not a food item, but in the same vein…

Easy Natural Homemade Cleaner

A great non toxic way to clean your home for pennies and no nasty chemicals to deal with.

Simple Swaps: 7 things to make instead of buy – The takeaway.. (if you’ll forgive the irony)

I hope this has done what I wanted it to, and showed you that just small changes can mount up quite quickly.

Deciding to cook every food your family eats from scratch one day is a monumental decision. But deciding to make a loaf of bread once a week, or make your seasoning for your next taco night is a lot more doable.

And who knows… one day you might challenge yourself to make all your family’s bread products for the whole year… you know, like sane people do.. Me.. I am doing that. And I love it!

Add your simple swaps in the comments, and lets inspire each other in the small things!! They add up quick!! Thanks friends x

9 thoughts on “Simple Swaps: 7 Things To Make Instead Of Buy”

  1. I just started making my own Mayo and OMG it’s worldsssss better than store bought! Also way cleaner ingredients! Definitely going to try making my own yogurt now, love that idea! Thanks for sharing!

    • That’s so good to hear, not many people cook from scratch nowadays. How did you learn? did you have family to teach you or is a skill you’ve forged yourself? x


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