Get to know Kimberley

I’m Kimberley, and I love Old Fashioned living in a from scratch kitchen, a bountiful garden and a handcrafted home

Kimberley of our urban homestead life. from scratch cook

I have a passion for old fashioned living. (My husband says that’s a good job, since he was born old – his words, not mine!) Good nourishing food from your own back garden, with the skills to prepare and make delicious meals from this ingredients is what I’m passionate about, and I’d love to share this journey with you.

I live in the North East of England with my husband, Eric and the youngest 2 of our 5 children. Our 3 oldest are grown and moved out so we live with a 16yr old and a 3yr old. There are almost exactly 20 years between my two girls! Follow along in our daily lives on my Instagram page.

We live in a normal looking semi detached house in a big city, but you would never know that out the back there is food growing all year round, fruit trees starting out, a pantry stocked full of homemade foods and medicines, and 3 square meals a day cooked from scratch in a working kitchen, from real whole food ingredients! 

But why?

 With the way the world is right now, food security has become an ever present threat. While we can’t grow everything ourselves in a small backyard, as the saying goes, every little helps… 

No one was teaching this when I was growing up, so most of us don’t know there is another way. 

I didn’t, so a few years ago now, I learnt. Usually coffee in hand, I learnt how to cook, and bake, and preserve, and grow and store and feed my family and I. 

I am fascinated by the human body and how what we eat, drink and use on our skin can make a difference to us. It was a surprise health diagnosis in the family that started me on this path to discover the way the body uses food, and what food has done to us over the last 50 or so years. It made me want to live a more traditional lifestyle. (yes we still eat sweets occasionally, my Achilles heel is Fruit Gums.)

I’d love a stretch of land here in God’s own country but for now, we learn the skills in our back yard, and feast well tonight!

Taco bowl topped with avocado, with tortilla chips piled beside

5 Fun Facts

  • There is always something fermenting on my worktop; Kombucha, Sourdough Starter, Sauerkraut, and unlabelled mason jars in the fridge. (I know what every single one is…it’s just nobody else does;))
  • I like a good conspiracy show, but thankfully my husband is my voice of reason!
  • I’d love some land, but not for a cow, for bees!!! I’d love to learn how to be a bee keeper
  • I told my husband when we met that I’m easy to figure out. I like coffee and flowers and Star Wars, and he keeps to that pretty well! (although, I’d probably say now coffee and flowers and Jurassic park)
  • Speaking of which, I’m an action film girl, and my husband is the one who doesn’t mind a good chick flick!

So lets learn together how to grow, preserve, cook and heal, all from our own back yard, no matter how

Victory gardens can make a comeback!

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